Albert Schweitzer

In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.




Lost Love

Void, empty, hollow inside
My dreams have fled, my hopes have died
Existence has no reason
Life’s just passing with each season

She was my life, my hope, my love
All is gone, passed by thereof
The hurt is such no one should bear
What’s to life, why should I care?

I weep all night for my love gone
My heart is sick, for death I long
Mine eyes well tears for love that’s lost
I’ll mourn always for the great cost

But in each day Lord give me hope
Strengthen me so I may cope
Grant me wisdom to help me see
Thy great way and not just me.

by Udiahlove lost favim

Is Chivalry Dead?

If you get asked out by A gentleman – what is proper protocol these days?

should your date pick you up?  Should he open all doors for you?  Should he pay for the bill?

Or have we become new age where men and women should fend for themselves on the date.  Shouldn’t expect the man to pay, split the cost or yet pick up the tab yourself

i am of the mindset that if get asked out then the person who invited you should plan and pay. I still think it is quite romantic when a man opens. Door for a lady whether a car door or the door to the restaurant. I know old school, but something charming about this.  Oh I will make it up to the person in much more wonderful ways so he knows how much I appreciate his chivalry.  And kindness


This blogging world is so new to me and I don’t understand how to get people to view my site.  I look at some of these blogs that are brilliant in their own ways and they have hundreds of subscribers and hundreds of likes.  Some of them new, some of them old.  How do I get to this point?  How do I write content or share content that would be interesting to others? 

Curious if anyone can help?wordpress-stats-chart-uniques-cropped