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I sadly read 50 shades of grey the trilogy.  Why?  Why is something I ask myself, but it was the curiosity.  I had read so many reviews-mostly bad, then I saw the author interviewed and I decided okay…I am biting.

Most of you know already it is about a Dom/Sub relationship that is very screwed up.  The man, Christian Grey, in the book is severely F@%cked up because of his childhood etc.  The girl, Anastasia Steel, is very naive and insecure.  So she bites into this relationship and it is mostly about sex and how they do it here and there and everywhere.  Very kinky and descriptive and erotic. 

What was strange was after I finished the trilogy I was thinking I was sort of in a relationship like this for a few years.  Not with the labels but with a f@%cked up man who was into kinky, erotic etc and me a naive, insecure girl.  We didn’t fall in love like it was in this book, but well sort of screwed up love maybe.  I will have to say, that the intimacy we had rivaled no other ever in my life, so that was a wonderful part of our relationship.

It does make me think how many people are in a relationship like this?  Lots?  Few?  Honestly I don’t really know, I tried to do some research on it and didn’t get very far.  I know not exactly like the book because Mr. Grey was a billionaire and could give Ms. Steel anything.  He wowed her in many ways beyond just sexual, but it was a control issue.  It was in my case as well, the man was very controlling, and very driven to the fact that he made me feel very dependent on his words of assurance, etc.

I do not recommend this trilogy to anyone actually, and I most likely will not see the movie, but if you are curious and bored, you should definitely look into it or see if there are other books like this.  The first book was horrible, but the second and third book were a bit better.fifty