I did not realize this but interesting facts on the acts of sex and calories burned or consumed 

making out for 30 minutes=230 calories….mmmm nothing better than delicious lips to kiss



make out


foreplay for 20 minutes=87 calories…..I think longer should be the time in the case of foreplay.

Foreplay1 newsworms

unclasping bra 8 calories….unclasping bra with your mouth = 67 calories what talent.



strip tease 60 calories

oral sex = 100 calories ~ you should know if you swallow semen you have just ingested 5 calories

missionary position for 10 minutes = 250 calories


woman on top for 10 minutes = 300 calories for women 130 calories for men – my preferred position 🙂

sex standing up=  600 calories for both men and women…. I may have to try this.

orgasm= 60-100 calories. 

So instead of running on the elliptical for thirty minutes you can strip and have sex for ten minutes for the same amount of calories burned.  Now which one would you pick?